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Global control & world domination.

No, kidding of course ... It just seems that every resume must have this paragraph, doesn't it?



A wide range of skills & experience with: C, C++, MFC, Objective-C/Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, C#, ASP.NET, HTML/DOM/CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, SQL/MySQL, ActionScript/Flash, x86 Assembly, and much more. Also a wealth of design and graphics skills using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word/Excel/Access, and more.

So, here you go, details of some projects that can be publicly shared, in no particular order:


Professional Custom-Built & Specialized Software

Personalized software for any type of professional business, with utilization of the latest IT technologies, data security & data protection. Total customization according to your business needs. Smoothness of operation according to today's Operating Systems requirements. Programming available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and more:

Due to copyright restrictions we cannot display full versions of the following products.


Programming: C++/MFC/Objective-C with the use of SQLite/SQL
IDE: Visual Studio 2008/2010, Xcode

Almost all source code projects exceed 100 files of code:


Specialized Energy-Saving & Synchronization Software

Want to save on the energy footprint of your servers at the office or school? It's already done, check these free products. But, wait ... Do you want to customize WakeupOnStandBy, TOff, tSync, or any other of our products for your special needs?

These are examples of our publicly available software:


Programming: C++/MFC/.NET
IDE: Visual Studio 2002/2003/2008/2010

The actual development environment of the projects listed above:


Improvement of Existing Software

Personalized adjustment of an already existing or custom-built software, including addition of automation and extra features according to your needs. Development of software for older versions of Windows that may be no longer supported by Microsoft, or by the original manufacturer. Also testing of your existing products for compatibility with the newest versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

Features added, from left to right:
  • Extended customer search for an existing accounting software.
  • A personalized screen-saver for a monitoring station to extend life of security monitors.
  • An add-on to gate software to verify if customer's code is in use.
Due to proprietary nature of this software some details were masked off:


Programming: C++/MFC
Data Management: MS Access/DAO, Borland BDE
IDE: Visual Studio 6.0/2002/2003/2008/2010


Automation Using Microsoft Office

Is your business entirely dependent on Microsoft Office suite of products? Don't worry, you're not alone. How about adding automation to facilitate your work with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access documents? This will make your everyday work much more easy, more fast, as well as streamlined.

Features added, from left to right:
  • Automation of an MS Excel project for monitoring personal bank accounts.
  • Automation of a secure MS Access database to hold & process credit card accounts for business customers.


Programming: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Data Management: MS Excel & MS Access


Video Compositing, Graphics Design & Retouching

Want to add a cool effect to your video or a still image? Ever wondered how those amazing, unrealistic pictures and videos are made (including those on this very web site)?

Check the actual videos on our main video page.


Still images (retouching) of raster graphics: Adobe Photoshop
Vector graphics: Adobe Illustrator
Video compositing & visual effects: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro
Sound editing & effects: Adobe Soundbooth, Sony Vegas Pro


And More

Due to proprietary nature of most of the work, those projects cannot be publicly disclosed here. So if you don't see something on this page that you may need to be done, don't be shy, click the contact link below ...


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