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Compact Tray Meter

CPU, RAM & disk drives monitoring utility.

Size: 1.67M
Compatibility: Windows 8/10/11 (32/64 bit)


It is true that there is a lot of software that report CPU, RAM and disk drives usage. Most though seem to be displaying it on a desktop or in some other area of the screen that is usually covered by other windows. That doesn't make it very useful. This compact utility displays real-time CPU, RAM and disk drives usage meters right on the taskbar notification area, or next to the system clock, that is always visible:

Special features:

  • Real-time reporting of the CPU activity.
  • Real-time reporting on the system RAM usage.
  • Real-time reporting of the disk drives activity.
  • Color coding of the readouts can indicate CPU/RAM/disk drive workload even without seeing the actual numbers.
  • Support for higher resolutions and screen DPIs for better meters readability.
  • Ability to safely remove (or eject) USB drives with one click of the mouse, even on older operating systems, such as Windows XP.
  • This program does not require installation, or administrative privileges to operate and can be run from any location on your hard drive.
  • This program also obtains the following information about the CPU(s) (or, Central Processing Units) on your system:
    • Brand name of the CPU.
    • CPU architecture, i.e. 32-bit, 64-bit, etc.
    • CPU clock reading.
    • Number of physical and logical CPU cores.
    • Number of NUMA nodes.
    • Information about L1/L2/L3 caches.
    • Additional technical information about CPU, reported directly by the die itself.
  • This program also obtains the following information about the RAM (or system memory):
    • Capacity of each RAM module in bytes.
    • Form factor (DIMM, RIMM, etc.)
    • Memory type (SDRAM, DDR, DDR-2, etc.)
    • Type detail (synchronous, nonvolatile, etc.)
    • RAM speed (566 ns, 800 ns, etc)
    • Data width (64 bits, etc)
    • Interleave information.
    • Serial, manufacture's, SKU and part numbers on RAM modules.
    • And more, where available.
  • This program also obtains the following information about installed disk drives:
    • Drive details, such as: Manufacturer's name, total drive size, free space, volume name, type of drive, etc.
    • Current read and write speeds for the drive.
    • Additional technical details, such as: File system details, type of bus, DOS and physical paths, and more.
  • We also attempted to write this program with as small of an impact on the system resources as possible to improve the accuracy of its reporting.


Besides retrieving the wealth of technical information about your system, that of course can be used to verify the authenticity of your hardware, most users can run this utility to monitor the "health" of their PC. The rule of thumb is pretty simple: If the usage stats begin to peak regularly at high percentage this means that there's some activity going on in your system. This generally indicates a malfunction, a misconfiguration in settings, or even a malware infection. Fixing this issue will greatly speed up your computer and improve its usability. Read the manual included in the download to learn more about this subject. After all, we use this tool on our systems all the time. So now we want to share it with you!


Check here, or it is available offline in the installation package.


Visible tray notification area, 1GB of RAM, and TruColor display with a 32-bit color scheme.


Totally free. Customization available.


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