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This general policy applies to the website. The following products are covered by their specific privacy policies:

The purpose of this document is to outline the protection of privacy of the users of the website. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what information is being collected, how such information is used and/or stored and safeguarded, and what you can expect from using our services.

For the purpose of this agreement, the terms "we", "us", "our" refers to, the company that provides the service, and "I", "you", "your", "yours" refers to the user of the service, or you. The term "service", or "services" refers to the website and any services it may provide in general.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of the service, please consider contacting us at first. By continuing to use our website you are implicitly agreeing to the terms of this document.

What information do we collect?

The service may collect the following information:

  • When you visit our website we may collect the following information about your visit: your IP address, date and time of your visit, the web browser you are using, referrer link that you came from. Such information is intended for the internal diagnostic, marketing and sometimes legal purposes and is never intended to leave our servers, unless otherwise required by law.
  • If you provide any user feedback (including but not limited to, bug reports about the use of our software) the information provided in your feedback will be stored on our servers. We may use such information to diagnose software bugs and to improve our service in the future. In the event that you prefer us to delete your provided information in the feedback, please indicate so in your request.

How do we protect your information?

Information stored on our servers is not intended to leave said servers, or to be shared with any third parties. Unless specifically required by law and is inquired by the law enforcement agencies, such stored information will be kept on our servers only. We will exercise all available precautions to keep such information safe. Although note that we are not obligated to safeguard collected information.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do. Cookies are used on our website to provide internal visitation tracking. Cookies used do not associate or attempt to tie our website visits to any specific users or their identities. Moreover, our internal cookies are never used outside of our website.

Our service may also use third-party services for the purposes of the visitation tracking.

Do we use third-party links and affiliate programs?

Our service uses Google Analytics to track visits to our website. Such tracking is not associated with individuals and is done in general sense. The tracking is not present in the software that you can download from our website.

Do we display ads?

No. This service does not display ads. We may provide license-based software that may require a purchase to use. But neither this website, nor any of our software (including the free one) displays ads or does any user tracking (unless such is expressly indicated in the specific software EULA.)

Moreover, if you encounter an ad displayed on our website (or in any of our services, including our software) keep in mind that such material was not furnished by us, and was most certainly injected into our product by your current ISP, web browser, web browser add-on or extension, antivirus product or malware present on your system. If you suspect that such is the case, please notify us by going to page. Such behavior is against our privacy policy!

What information do we store on our servers?

Our web servers store information outlined above in the answer to the question "What information do we collect?" Such information is stored to improve our service and/or to provide to the law enforcement in case of a legal request from the latter.

What information do we use for marketing purposes?

We do not use any of the collected information for marketing purposes. You pay for your use of the service by purchasing our software licenses.

What if I want to remove the service completely?

We will not be able to remove tracking information about your past visits to our service. If you wish not to provide such information in the future, please consider not visiting our website or using our software.

In case you are intending to remove our software, please review said software documentation. Most software products can be fully removed directly from the Windows Control Panel. Other, simpler software, does not require uninstallation and can be removed simply by closing said software and by removing its executable file from the disk. In either case pressing F1 key while the software is running should bring up its manual that will contain information on how to remove it. Additionally, FAQ pages for each software product will contain additional details on how to remove it. All of our software products support full removal from user systems. In case you run into issues while removing our software, make sure to contact our support team for assistance.

Are you a security researcher reporting a bug or vulnerability?

If you are a security researcher, or just a user that is trying to report a bug or security vulnerability in our software or services, please do not hesitate to submit your feedback. We are currently not offering any bug bounty programs. (We are a small group of developers.) But we will do everything possible to provide a bug-free software for our users. By submitting your bug and vulnerability reports you will contribute to the general benefit of the software users like yourself.

We provide several ways of contacting us and guarantee that there will be no legal or other ramifications to you, person(s) who are reporting the bug or vulnerability, even if your use or methods of obtaining of our software were not covered by our terms of service, EULA, or even the local laws. We promise to keep any interaction between you and our support team as anonymous as possible and to absolve you from any legal consequences that may arise from your reporting of the vulnerability, or from the research that was undertaken to discover it.

Thank you!

Your consent

By logging in, using or staying on our website you implicitly consent to the terms of our privacy policy outlined in this document. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please close this web browser window and do not use our services.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us by going to page.

When was this document last updated?

It was last updated on March 13, 2018

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