Utilities & other software developed at www.dennisbabkin.com

The following utilities did not fit into our main software category and are presented here in alphabetical order:

  • Command No Window Icon

    Command No Window

    Run command line scripts without displaying a command line window.

  • CPUID Instruction Viewer Icon

    CPUID Instruction Viewer

    View information about the processor returned by the CPUID instruction.

  • Driver Loader/Unloader Icon

    Driver Loader/Unloader

    Utility to register, unregister, load and unload a kernel driver or a service.

  • FtpsTransfer Icon


    Transfer website and database files to and from a web server using encrypted connection.

  • Keyboard Key Info Icon

    Keyboard Key Info

    View scan codes and virtual key codes for keys on your keyboard.

  • OpenRegedit Icon


    Open specific version of RegEdit: 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • OutlookHeaders Add-in Icon

    OutlookHeaders Add-in

    OutlookHeaders is a simple Microsoft Outlook add-in for Windows that allows to adjust your outbound email messages and http headers.

  • RunAsUser Icon


    Run a program under specific Windows user account.

  • ScramblePwd Icon


    Scramble plaintext passwords for supported utilities.

  • SeqIDGen Icon


    Sequential ID Generator for Source Code Logging & Debugging Purposes.

  • ShutdownWithUpdates Icon


    Install pre-downloaded updates & shut-down system.

  • SigRemover Icon


    Utility to remove digital code signature from binary PE files in Windows.

  • TimeZoneSetter Icon


    Manually adjust time zones and daylight saving information.

  • Visual Studio Solution Cleaner Icon

    Visual Studio Solution Cleaner

    Clean up and reset Microsoft Visual Studio solution files.

  • WERSetup Icon


    "Windows Error Reporting" setup & configuration utility.

  • WinAPI Search Icon

    WinAPI Search

    Utility to search for Win32 functions, error codes & error messages.

  • Windows 10 Update Restart Blocker Icon

    Windows 10 Update Restart Blocker

    App to control restarts after installation of Windows Updates & custom patch for vulnerability in Windows 10 Update Service.

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