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Simple Radio Recorder

Simple Scheduler to Record MP3 Audio.

Size: 1.32M
Compatibility: Windows 8/10/11 (32/64 bit)


Did you ever want a simple program to record your podcasts, Internet radio, Pandora*, Spotify*, or satellite radio* (Sirius or XM)? Don't go any further. Simple Radio Recorder will do it for you. And most of all, if you register within the first 30 days, it is also FREE!

Special features:
  • Can record AM/FM or satellite radio broadcasts*, as well as sound from your stereo system, Boom-box, TV, YouTube, Internet radio* (such as Pandora*, Spotify*, or others) and computer software and games.
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step explanation of how to buy and install necessary hardware**.
  • Ability to record in MP3 and uncompressed PCM sound formats.
  • Can set a repeating schedule for unattended recording of any length.
  • Supports setting up of multiple recording schedules.
  • Can save recording schedules into files for easier access later.
  • Possibility to wake system up from sleep or hibernation at a scheduled time for recording.
  • Can set other scheduled events, such as running programs, opening files or Internet pages and playing music, as well as sending the system into suspended power state.
  • Can play back the live sound broadcast over a device connected via a Line-in or a Mic jack.
  • Can be run from a command line to maximize potential application.
  • Does not contain any commercials, pop-ups, crap-ware or any "hidden ware". (If downloaded from this site.)
  • And best of all - it is FREE if you register your copy within the first 30 days!
* - Satellite radio receiver and antenna are required for satellite radio recording. Subscription to a service may be required to receive broadcasts.
** - Minimum hardware installation may be required to begin recording of the sound input off some devices.


Review the following screenshots of the Simple Radio Recorder software:


Available offline after the program is installed. Hit F1 when the Simple Radio Recorder is up on the screen.


Check Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to yours


  • Sound card to provide sound input. (Sound card's support for "StereoMix" or "WaveOut" is required to record sound playback from the web browser or other running apps. More details.)
  • Speakers for sound playback (not required for recording.)
  • Windows XP SP3, or later OS.
  • Minimum required RAM: 512MB.
  • Free disk space to place recorded files. At least: 2GB.
  • Hardware support for ACPI to be able to wake from suspended power state, such as sleep or hibernation (not required for recording.)


Free, if registered within first 30 days. Otherwise $9.99.


FREE if followed the EULA included in the installation package.

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